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Simply Stylish - On the Cover - Design NJ

Elizabeth Vizzone, owner of Elizabeth Vizzone Interiors, a home staging and redesign business based in Montclair, was featured on the October/November 2016 cover of Design NJ magazine.

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Designing Ways: Transform Your Child’s Bedroom

By Elizabeth Vizzone

“It’s a fact: Children spend a great deal of time in their rooms, and it’s important they feel comfortable in “their space”. After all, it’s a sanctuary.


Simply Home – A Fashionable Q&A with Interior Designer Elizabeth Vizzone

Textures, patterns, space, and color—for an interior designer, striking the perfect balance to create beautiful yet functional spaces is key. For more than 20 years, Elizabeth Vizzone (below), founder and principal of the New York-based Elizabeth Vizzone Interiors, has dedicated her career to hitting all the right notes.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Elizabeth moved to New York City to work with brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein after studying design in her native Toronto. Today, her full-service studio offers both re-design and “ground up” services for residential and commercial projects alike, all with her signature warm, inviting-yet-elegant aesthetic.

Her work has been featured in publications such as New York Spaces and Design NJ; a book, Simply Home, is currently in development.


7 Ways To Wow With White

Labor Day has come and gone, but I’m feeling a tad rebellious and I’m thinking about the color white. Yes, white. After Labor Day. Because, really, who makes these rules? While white may be synonymous with summertime chic clothing, it’s always appropriate as an interior design choice. It’s classic, but it’s also totally cool. And warm. In the right shade, it’s totally warm. It never goes out of style. (And, if you ask me, neither do white pants when properly executed. But that’s another blog for another day.) Here are some winning strategies for incorporating white into your home.


Clean lines and a grey-and-white palette keep things simple and fresh in this bathroom designed by Northern New Jersey’s Elizabeth Vizzone Interiors. A few soft accents keep the scene from feeling cold while maintaining the sense of calm.


Featured in New York Spaces

Elizabeth Vizzone Interiors was featured in the May / June 2012 issue of New York Spaces Magazine.

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 IT’S ALL BLACK AND WHITE - Laura Trevey Feature

"This time of year, it’s easy to get carried away with color. With blooms in a variety of hues springing forth every day, we’re inevitably inspired by the pinks, yellows, greens, and every other option on the spectrum. Still, we always seem to return to black and white. A palate cleanser of sorts, as the above space by Northern New Jersey-based ELIZABETH VIZZONE INTERIORS shows, the combination also provides the perfect backdrop to the abundance of color all around us."