“The starting place for The Home Formula; edit with honesty, respect your space and forget perfection.”

Elizabeth Vizzone


The EVI Studio’s current passion is residential spaces…..turning people’s houses into homes

“Times change, people change, and circumstances change but many people’s lives, especially their homes do not” says Elizabeth. “This can be debilitating and manifest in a plethora of unhealthy ways”.

Elizabeth works with you through the process of reclaiming your home, so you can honor the space you happen to live in. Then uses her professional and personal experience to create a well-cared for home that is clutter free that will enable you to release the baggage from the past and empowers you to make better life choices.

Elizabeth’s approach is consistently the same three steps for every space: edit with honesty, respect the space and forget perfection and wrote The Home Formula Book as a tool to use the transformative power of home renovation as an instrument to profoundly affect positive change to all that live there. By turning a house that defeats you into home that elevates you.

Look for her upcoming book currently in the works, The Home Formula.